Traeger Scout Review: A Detailed Overview 2023

Are you looking for a way to grill your meat without burning it? Then you need to check out the Traeger Scout review. Whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned griller, Traeger grills are one of the most versatile and affordable grills for you.

The Traeger Scout is the newest model in the Collection of Traeger Grill, and it is the best value Traeger yet. It combines all of the best features of the Traeger Pro Series, including a 5-zone cooking system, advanced digital controls, and the ability to cook virtually any food that you can throw on a grill.

A Quick Overview Of Traeger Scout Grill

Traeger Scout Review
Model NameTraeger Scout
Weight45 Pounds
Fuel TypeWood
Dimensions 21 x 20 x 16 inches
Temperature Range 180-450°F
Hopper Capacity4 LBS
Total Cooking Space176 SQ. IN.


Traeger Scout Size

The Scout is a mid-sized grill that is ideal for beginners. It has everything you need to grill almost anything and is one of the best all-around grills on the market.

It has a 5-zone cooking system that makes it perfect for grilling a variety of foods, such as chicken, steak, vegetables, fish, and even desserts. It has the capacity to cook up to 6 burgers at once, and it will last for over 2,000 hours of use.

The Scout can cook a wide range of foods, including hamburgers, hot dogs, chicken, steak, pork, vegetables, and seafood. It is an excellent grill for beginners because it is easy to use, versatile, and has great features. It is the best-value Traeger grill yet, and it is a must-have for beginners who want to grill.

Design and Features

Design and Features

The Traeger Scout Grill is built with a heavy-duty steel body, powder coated for durability. A stainless steel heat shield protects the internal components of the grill from getting too hot. It has two wheels for easy portability and its sturdy legs provide stability.

This grill uses wood pellets instead of charcoal, so there’s no messy ash to clean up after you’re done grilling. The wood pellets are made from 100% hardwood with no additives or fillers, so your food won’t pick up any strange flavors from chemicals or other weird ingredients

You can cook just about anything on the Scout Grill: burgers, hot dogs, chicken, fish and vegetables. You can even bake cookies on it! It has an 18-inch cast iron grate that provides plenty of room to cook several items at once.

The Scout Grill comes with a digital thermostat that allows you to set it at 225°F and forget about it while your food cooks to perfection.

Cooking Area

The cooking area is a term used to describe the space that your grill uses to cook. Some grills have a limited cooking area, which means that you cannot cook a whole chicken on it. This is where the Traeger Scout differs from the other grills in the collection. It has a whopping 10,000 square inches of cooking area. This makes the Traeger Scout the largest cooking area in its class.

It comes with two grilling racks, each of which holds 4 hot dogs, and a grill basket for large items like steaks and roasts. If you don’t have a grill basket, you can also use a large aluminum baking sheet to hold large foods.

As for the heating area, it is the size of the cooking area, divided into 5 zones. Each zone has different cooking temperatures to allow you to cook food to your liking.

With this grill, you can cook just about anything. From burgers and steaks to pizza, pork chops and vegetables, you can cook anything you can imagine.



The Traeger Scout has a total output of 2,400 watts. It is capable of cooking up to 10 pounds of meat at one time. This is significantly more than a gas grill, and even a charcoal grill can only cook around 4-5 pounds at a time.

Traeger’s Scout grill uses a new heat exchanger, which allows you to preheat the unit and cook the food directly from the cool side. This is a huge benefit, especially when you are dealing with heavy-duty meats, like brisket.

It is designed for a wide range of users, from first-time cooks to professionals. For example, you can cook a large quantity of chicken, ribs, or beef in less time than it would take you to make the same meal on a charcoal grill.

It comes with a 3-year warranty, which is the best warranty of any Traeger grill. If anything goes wrong with your Traeger Scout, you can simply contact Traeger and they’ll replace it free of charge.

Fuel efficiency

The Scout uses the same reliable 12,000 BTU dual-fuel burner and 5-zone cooking system as the other Traeger grill models, but it has a few advantages over them. The most obvious is that it is much lighter, so you can easily move it from room to room.

This is especially helpful if you want to move it to a different room in your home, such as the patio or garage, where you can cook outdoors. Another advantage is that the Scout is made from stainless steel instead of aluminum. This means it is durable and won’t corrode, making it last longer than an aluminum grill.

Another benefit is that it is much easier to clean than an aluminum grill. In addition, it is much quieter than an aluminum grill, which makes it a lot easier to cook with.

Maximum Temperature


The maximum temperature setting is set at 450°C. This is one of the lowest settings that you can find on the Traeger Scout grill. At this temperature, you can cook virtually anything. Some foods can even be cooked at higher temperatures than this, but they will start to burn after a few minutes.

If you have a charcoal grill, you can cook your food on high heat. If you have a gas grill, you can use it on medium-low heat. If you have a ceramic grill, you can cook at high heat.

This is the best Traeger grill for beginners and people who aren’t sure what they want to grill. It is also the best Traeger grill for people who want to get the most bang for their buck.


Traeger grills are made from heavy-duty steel with welded seams and anodized aluminum cooking grids. They are also very easy to clean and maintain. The Traeger Scout is available in two different versions, with a small, 18.5-quart capacity and a large, 23-quart capacity.

The smaller version weighs around 100 pounds and is designed for smaller families, while the larger version weighs about 200 pounds and is intended for larger families or more frequent guests. 

Traeger Scout Review – Final Words

Overall, the Traeger Scout is a great value for the money. It is an easy-to-use grill that can cook almost anything. The Scout has a wide range of features, including a digital temperature control system, a high-quality heat exchanger, and a warranty that is the best in the industry. It is also very easy to clean, and it is very quiet. It is also the best Traeger grill for beginners and people who aren’t sure what they want to grill.

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